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Hi, I'm Lauren,

I believe each person, couple, and family has incredible resilience to heal and develop into who they want themselves to be or create the relationship they want.  We have all experienced times where things in life feel “off” and are seeking something different for our lives or relationships. I can help you explore and discover new insights and knowledge to create stronger confidence in who you are and enhance your relationships with those around you.

We are meant for connection with ourselves and others so we can thrive in our lives and relationships.

I am passionate about providing a safe and supportive space for people to grow and shift patterns that are no longer serving them. You are the expert of you, and I will meet you where you are on your journey and support you along the way.

I frequently meet with clients on the following topics:

Individual Counseling for Adults

  • Anxiety, stress, or overwhelm

  • Depression

  • Anger

  • Feeling stuck, not progressing on your goals or dreams

  • Loneliness or isolation

  • Self-esteem and self-worth

  • Grief or loss of a relationship

  • Friendship problems

  • Not liking where you are in life

  • Dealing with a difficult family member or other tough family dynamics

  • ​Past hurtful experiences or trauma

  • Childhood trauma

  • Religious Deconstruction or Spiritual Abuse

  • Miscarriage / Abortion

  • Relationship issues and attachment

Couples Counseling

  • Communication breakdowns

  • Conflict and anger

  • Feeling criticized

  • Disconnection and feeling alone in the relationships

  • Partners being more like roommates than lovers

  • Lack of intimacy

  • Infidelity and betrayal

  • Broken trust

  • Considering separation or divorce

  • Premarital

  • Proactive relational maintenance and enhanced connection


Adult Family Counseling

  • Conflicted relationship between adult siblings

  • Disconnection or conflict between parent and adult child/children

  • Past resentment and hurt

  • Working through difficult family topics

  • Communication challenges

  • Relationship strain

  • Setting boundaries


How Therapy Works

Our current stressors, as well as painful and traumatic experiences, can all impact our ability to thrive. My training as a clinical social worker has made me passionate about noticing how the larger systems in our lives (personal, family expectations, culture with its social rules, job expectations, politics, etc.) impact and shape our behaviors and relationships.


All these systems play a role in shaping what we think and believe, and how we experience life. While we must learn how to adapt to these systems to “succeed” in our society, its often at the expense of our well-being. We can lose ourselves in our attempts to socially survive. 

My approach is integrative and relational using a combination of evidence-based, trauma informed, psychodynamic, and somatic interventions. I believe in the mind-body connection and provide education and techniques to help enhance this connection.


I offer yoga movement and restorative practices as well, in order to help support you in your journey. I want to support you in identifying and building upon your unique qualities and strengths to create better connections with yourself and in your personal relationships.


One of my passions is practicing (and teaching) yoga.  >>>

Online therapy in Colorado
Lauren Timkovich, online therapist


B.A. in Communications, 2006

M.S.W. in Social Work, 2009

10+ Years of Professional Counseling Experience

Licensed Social Worker (LCSW), states of Colorado, Texas, Utah, and Florida

Accredited Case Manager Social Work (ACM-SW), ACMA

Emotionally Focused Therapy Trained (Externship)

Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)

Screen Shot 2023-01-01 at 4.01.39 PM.png
Association of Social Work Board Certified
Emotionally Focused Relationship Therapy
Licensed Social Worker in Colorado
Licensed Social Worker in Texas
Licensed Social Worker in Utah
Licensed Social Workeror in Florida

More About Lauren

I’m originally from Denver, Colorado. My career experience has included working in law enforcement as a victim advocate, child welfare, and as a medical social worker in inpatient hospital settings and outpatient community clinics. I especially love the work I do now with individuals, couples and families to help them create the life and loving relationships they desire.


When I am not working, you will find me enjoying reading, cooking, practicing yoga, watching documentaries, playing with my two puppies, or hiking with my husband. I have a love for decorating and organizing to create spaces that feel efficient and relaxing. 

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