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Helping you thrive in your career to find new solutions, increase confidence, and hone your leadership ability to improve your personal peace and professional success.

Executive Coaching

Find Support, Solutions, Personal Growth

Harness Your Own Talent

Thrive as a Leader

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Executive Coaching

Some of the most difficult problems we need to solve in our careers and businesses are people problems


At times it has to do with other people - difficult relationships, communication breakdowns, tricky behaviors, conflict, non-cohesive team dynamics, or people management.


Other times it has to do with yourself - struggling with your level of self-belief, creating work/life boundaries, growing in EQ and interpersonal savvy, managing internal overwhelm and stress, addressing your level of motivation and energy, or knowing how to harness your own personal potential.

How will you benefit?

Maybe you’ve found yourself on the verge of burnout. The long hours and high responsibility can feel like you’re in over your head. it’s starting to become hard to carry your daily responsibilities around without having somewhere to release it all. Where do you learn to feel confident in your decisions, understand what your team needs from you, and make sure they (and you) are reaching their full potential?

Executive Coaching is a great place to begin unloading the stressors of your job and how they impact your day to day life and grow your ability to understand yourself and lead others.

This is a 1:1 private relationship where you are able to talk about the difficulties and challenges you face, without having to feel that having them is a sign of failure.

This is a great way to work through your work life problems while considering how these problems trickle into your personal life as well.

How I can help:


Where you and I will do our best work is threefold...

Yourself: who you are, how you’re wired, ways you’re afraid you’re coming up short or ways you want to grow in your role

Others: understanding how others are wired, wanting to motivate or inspire others, gain respect, or navigate tough workplace dynamics

Fit: and how your career is fitting or not fitting you, and what you can do to make it go better for you.

Getting started is easy


Message Us Today

Message us and a therapist will schedule a time to meet and talk with you online over Zoom


Chat & Create a Plan

Talk through the process for you to accomplish your goals and set a regular time to meet


Put Strategy into Action

Meet with your therapist, get unstuck, and start feeling better

Hello! I'm Whitney,

As a coach who specializes in psychology-based solutions, I have had the opportunity to support clients in high stress jobs, help them overcome years of anxiety and overwhelm, and move forward in their career with confidence, less stress, healthy boundary- setting, and better communication skills.

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Whitney is beyond extraordinary. Her expertise and delivery is professional, compassionate, and truly empowering. She asked important questions to get me thinking and feeling deeply, and we worked together to find the best solutions for my needs. I strongly recommend her services!

- Former Client

Most people wait for problems to resolve themselves...

Or they wait for the support and training they need to be provided to them by their workplace. While they wait for help and more resources to come (this could be a long wait), they feel overwhelmed by the stress or dysfunctional situations that continue to cause frustration.


If you’re ready to overcome the stressors of your job and allow more space for peace in your life, book a call to get started with executive coaching today!

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What would be possible if you had support to problem-solve your difficult work situations and knew what to do?


Executive coaching isn't just for executives anymore, but for professionals in all levels of leadership.

Our therapists who offer executive coaching services:

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