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One-on-one counseling so you can live with more emotional peace, overcome personal challenges, and heal from hurtful experiences.

Individual therapy

Feel Heard and Supported

Gain Healing and Hope

Live with Peace and Connection


Individual Therapy for Adults

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Sometimes life doesn't go as planned. It can hurt. Meeting one-on-one with a therapist can help men and women figure out why parts of their life or relationships aren't working, heal from painful experiences, and discover how to move forward. 

Are you looking to experience meaningful change in your life?

​Therapy can help adults heal from trauma, loss, challenging life circumstances, difficult relationships, abuse, or mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and more.

We help people who seem to have it together actually feel like they do.

How can therapy help?

Counseling isn’t only for those who are hurting, but also for those who need to find different solutions for their lives and relationships.

How much time, effort, or money is spent to numb or check out of your life? Whether it’s general busyness, relationships, substances, work, or online and social media scrolling, we spend so much time purposely not feeling life and not deeply connecting to others.


Together we can help you reconnect with what you want for your life. You’ll gain new wisdom that changes your life direction.


If you’re ready, we're ready to help!

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What types of things do people discuss in therapy?

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Anxiety and Depression

  • General anxiety, stress, overwhelm

  • Social anxiety

  • Panic attacks

  • Loneliness or social isolation

  • Depression

  • Discontentment with life

  • Low self-esteem

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Grief and Trauma

  • Painful past experiences 

  • Adults with childhood trauma

  • PTSD

  • Religious or spiritual abuse

  • Loss or separation of a loved one

  • Chronic pain or illness

  • Terminal diagnosis

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  • Relationship anxiety

  • Challenges in friendships

  • Conflicted relationship between adult siblings or parent/adult child

  • Past resentment and hurt

  • Setting boundaries​

  • Dating challenges


Other Personal Topics

  • Anger and frustration

  • Difficulty making decisions

  • Life transitions or struggle to adapt to life changes 

  • Not accomplishing goals or dreams

  • Sexuality questions, LGBTQ+ support

  • ADHD, ASD, and neurodiversity

Getting started is easy


Message Us Today

Message us and a therapist will schedule a time to meet and talk with you online over Zoom


Chat & Create a Plan

Talk through the process for you to accomplish your goals and set a regular time to meet


Put Strategy into Action

Meet with your therapist, get unstuck, and start feeling better

We Believe

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”
- Brené Brown

Our therapists who offer individual counseling services:

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