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Develop new strategies for communication, feel closer to your partner, get your relationship back on track

Couples Counseling

Learn to Communicate Productively

Restore Love & Connection

Get Your Relationship Back

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Couples Therapy

Connect again

In any long-term partnership, it's inevitable that conflicts and challenges will come up. 


Couples counseling helps partners to better understand and navigate the complex dynamics of their relationship.


It provides a safe and supportive space for couples to communicate openly and honestly with one another, and to identify and address underlying issues that may be causing conflict or distance in their relationship.

Communication breakdowns, conflict, or lost trust can be difficult to repair on your own

In a relationship it's easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget to make time for each other and to nurture your bond. But without that attention and care, relationships can start to feel stale and disconnected. 

When the disconnection continues for too long it can turn into consistent conflict that doesn't ever get fully resolved. Partners misunderstand each other's intentions - one partner may feel the other is always on the attack, or the other can feel abandoned when their partner won't communicate.

Couples counseling can be a lifeline, providing the guidance and support you need to get back on track and feel closer. It's an investment in your future happiness and well-being as a couple. Don't be afraid to take the first step and ask for support. You deserve to have the love and connection you want and deserve.


Getting started is easy


Message Us Today

Message us and a therapist will schedule a time to meet and talk with you online over Zoom


Chat & Create a Plan

Talk through the process for you to accomplish your goals and set a regular time to meet


Put Strategy into Action

Meet with your therapist, get unstuck, and start feeling better

Are you ready to experience meaningful change in your relationship?

Therapy isn't always easy, but it can be worth it. It can be a lifeline for couples who are struggling to connect or communicate. And the best part is, it really does work.

​​​Frequently Asked Questions:

  • "What if my partner won't come to therapy?"

  • "What if we do counseling but it still ends in separation or divorce?" 


What types of things do people discuss in Couples Counseling?

  • Communication breakdowns

  • Conflict and anger

  • Feeling criticized

  • Disconnection and feeling alone in the relationships

  • Partners being more like roommates than lovers

  • Lack of intimacy

  • Infidelity and betrayal

  • Broken trust

  • Considering separation or divorce

  • Premarital counseling

  • Proactive relational maintenance and enhanced connection

How is Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy different?

When it comes to marriage counseling, emotionally focused therapy (EFT) is a game-changer. EFT recognizes that our emotions are at the heart of our relationships, and that by better understanding and managing our emotions, we can create deeper, more meaningful connections with our partners.​


In EFT, couples work with a trained therapist to identify and express their emotional needs and to learn how to respond to their partner's emotional states in a supportive and caring way. Through structured conversations and exercises, couples can learn to recognize and validate each other's emotions, and to find new ways of expressing their love and support for one another.​


So if you're feeling stuck or disconnected in your relationship, don't be afraid to reach out for help. Marriage counseling with an EFT focus could be exactly what you need to get back on track and feel closer to your partner. Don't be afraid to take the first step and ask for support. You deserve to have the love and connection you truly desire. 


We Believe

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”
- Brené Brown

Our therapists who offer couples counseling services:

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