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We partner with concierge providers to deliver powerful and effective online psychotherapy services for patients

Psychotherapy Support for Your Patients

We're passionate about delivering exceptional online psychological care for individuals and couples.

As a concierge medical provider, you want nothing but the best for your patients. When you refer to Sagely Counseling you can be sure they are getting the expert care they deserve. We develop strong relationships with our clients and use highly effective, research-based methods of care for best outcomes.

When to Refer?

When patients struggle with one or more of the following:

  • Low Mood or Anxiety: May be hesitant to take medication OR are already on depression or anxiety medication but they don't like how it makes them feel, or the medications aren’t producing the desired results

  • Relationship Problems​: Troubled intimate relationship dynamic, considering divorce, grief or loss of relationship, negative relationship with family member

  • Struggling with any of the following symptoms: Stress, anxiety, depression, low energy/fatigue, feeling on-edge, irritable, racing thoughts, ruminating thinking, mood swings, sleep disturbance, recent change in appetite

How Patients Benefit

Psychotherapy helps patients become more resilient to current and future low moods and life stress through connection-centered therapy and trauma therapy.


Our services work well as an adjunct treatment because they do the following:

Create deep and permanent change in a patient’s view of themselves

Give patients an empowering view of their life circumstances

Help patients form stronger attachments to other people

Research shows these three outcomes add to better physical health outcomes as well as emotional stability outcomes.

How You Benefit

We know with the high level of excellence and education demanded of an MD in primary care, you want to refer to other professionals who are equipped with the same level of expertise. We provide excellent care and 


Providers refer to us when they have patients who are struggling with an area of emotional or relational distress and need help.


We want you to feel relief knowing your patients' emotional wellbeing and support for mood disorders are being handled.

We're Sagely,

We're a psychotherapy group practice that offers compassionate and highly-effective individual therapy and couples therapy services.

Our experienced clinical team is passionate about doing work that results in measurable change for patients.

As a collaborative practice, our therapists consult with one another weekly and receive ongoing supervision and advanced training in evidence-based trauma and relationship therapies.

When you refer someone to Sagely Counseling, you gain a co-active team. We act as your partners in your mission to care for your patients. We keep you informed of your patient’s treatment progress, so that you can take their mental health needs into account as part of the overall healthcare picture you manage.

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