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I'm Whitney, welcome

Hi there!

People often meet with me because something isn't working. They can't get through the week (or even the day) sometimes, without their anxiety taking over. Or they're unhappy with life itself - with their friendships, their intimate relationships, or their career. They wish they were less stressed, able to pull it together, thriving, and happy, but instead they feel sad, lost, stuck, or overwhelmed.

There is nothing more compelling to me than sparking hope and seeing real change happen for people in their lives.

Many years ago I began my own transformational journey as a client. “Wow, counseling can be like this?!” I thought. It was the thing I didn't know I needed. It was insightful, uncommonly kind, soul-deep, and life-changing. My experience over time on the “other side of the couch” as a client began significantly changing my life. I learned. I matured. I healed. I grew.


When I started helping other people, I wanted my clients to experience this type of transformation too.

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I meet with clients on the following topics (and more)...

  • Anxiety, stress, or overwhelm

  • Depression

  • Anger

  • Feeling stuck, not progressing on your goals or dreams

  • Loneliness or isolation

  • Self-esteem and self-worth

  • Grief or loss of a relationship

  • Friendship problems

  • Not liking where you are in life

  • Dealing with a difficult family member or other tough family dynamics

  • ​Past hurtful experiences or trauma

  • Childhood trauma

  • Religious Deconstruction or Spiritual Abuse

  • Miscarriage / Abortion



How does all of this work? Well, there’s the science-based information of how to help people, and then there’s the real, human experience of actual transformation. Ideally you want both. 

In our time together we'll address deep issues of shame, heart-ache, self-hatred, anger, fear, and other themes that may be affecting your current life. My approach to meeting with clients has been influenced by Sue Johnson, Richard Schwartz, and Bessel van der Kolk, to name a few. I use a diversified approach that weaves together deep therapeutic work and practical interventions so clients can receive long-term healing and get help today. I also use body-centered techniques like EMDR and other somatic protocols.

On a human level I believe we all have the important core needs of being fully loved and fully safe. Because the world is a flawed place, we've all been disappointed, wounded, or hurt in one way or another. Our earliest experiences and relationships have shaped us - how we think of ourselves, how we relate to other people, and our understanding of the world. 


I meet with clients exclusively online!

Don't let life get in the way of your wellbeing. Access convenient, effective, high-quality therapy from home or anywhere.

National Certified Counselor
Emotionally Focused Relationship Therapy
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Advanced Trauma Counseling Certificate
EMDR Trained
Screen Shot 2022-12-17 at 12.33_edited.jpg
International Association for Counselling Member
Licensed Counselor in Colorado
Licensed Counselor in Texas
Screen Shot 2022-12-17 at 12.27_edited.jpg
Licensed Counselor in New Mexico
Licensed Counselor in Florida

Dabbling in fly fishing and catching the tiniest fish you've ever seen!

Training & Qualifications


B.A. in Journalism, 2005

M.A. in Counseling, 2013

10+ Years of Professional Counseling Experience

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), states of Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, and Florida

National Certified Counselor (NCC), National Board of Certified Counselors


Emotionally Focused Therapy Trained (Core Skills, EFIT)

Professional Affiliations

  • International Association for Counselling

  • National Board for Certified Counselors

  • International Centre for Emotionally Focused Therapy

More About Whitney

Always a curious person, you'll find me learning a new hobby, enjoying the great outdoors, reading, or spending time with loved ones. I'm a native Texan, but have called many places home. I'm a connoisseur of spicy chicken sandwiches and a lover of authentic conversations, healthy living, dry humor, spirituality, and philosophical reflecting on all topics deep. I'm not into anything particularly culturally cool or overly trendy (I say as I take my wrinkly hand off my walker and shake my curmudgeonly fist at the sky). I dislike cold weather, political polarization, and reality tv (no judgment if you love it!). I deeply admire courage, wisdom, and playfulness. 

That's a little of who I am. Now tell me more about you!

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