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Burnout: Why You Need Support (Part 3)

Let's talk about the first thing I recommend you do to begin to resolve your burnout, which's finding support. Why is this the number one thing? It's the fastest thing you can do to not feel alone in your struggle and the quickest way to recover energy for what you need to do next.

Action 1: Find Support

Find support in any way you can so you don't have to do life alone. When you're low, you often lack the energy to do anything - because it all feels overwhelming and hopeless. Here is a good rule of thumb to remember for the rest of your life: If something in your life feels overwhelming or hopeless, it's a sign you need support. It's a signal (as in, 100% of the time, it's a signal) that you need someone or something to help you, so you don't have to figure it out on your own.

Figuring it out on your own is the long, slow route. If you begin to re-interpret the feeling of being overwhelmed as a signal that you need support in that area of your life, you'll always go farther and faster toward fixing your problem. My clients who have decided they can muscle things out on their own through isolation and pure grit have signed up for a process that's guaranteed to be weeks, months, or years longer than it needs to be.

What Does Support Look Like?

  1. Connection with friends and family: Did you know that our bodies respond to each other when we're in the same room? Our human bodies signal to each other and can begin to regulate other people's bodies and emotions. This means that when you're stressed or upset, even just being in the same room with a calm or happy person will help you to feel less stressed or sad. Even more than this, we need people to listen to us, encourage us, and provide emotional support - it's a biological and psychological need. There is nothing that replaces human connection.

  2. Connection with community: What can you do to be around groups of people? Things like religious services, groups, hobby groups, book club groups, volunteer groups. Being in the presence of others helps us get a bigger picture and encourages us to be less myopic about our own lives. It puts our problems in perspective and (again) gets us connected with others.

  3. Professional support or services: You can't eat healthy on your own? No problem, for the short term maybe get one of those food services that deliver ingredients for recipes they provide. Can't get the energy even to cook at all? There are services where you can buy healthy meals that are fully cooked and delivered to you. Can't find the motivation to work out? Get a fitness app, join a walking group. Go to a gym where there are group classes. Hire a personal trainer. Need help with your sadness, anger, anxiety, or help for your relationship? Hire a counselor. Need help with your business? Hire a business coach. Need a new career? Hire a career coach. Do these feel like too big of a step? What's a more minor step than this? Are there support groups, business groups, career groups you can join before you hire a professional? (Do a google search, there are!) Get the idea? What area of your life feels too overwhelming? Now, what services or professionals are out there who support that? "That doesn't fit into my finances," you might say. How does being stuck work for your finances? I think you might be costing yourself way more than you realize by staying stuck! Getting help, support, and guidance can often significantly shorten the amount of time you remain stuck AND provide you with better results than you would have brought on your own.

Have any other ideas to contribute? How have you found support?

Please know I'm here to support your healing journey or career if you need help!


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