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We meet in this stone chapel every year

We partner with progressive, inclusive churches and spiritual centers to offer leaders and staff a safe and supportive place to refer congregants for online psychotherapy services

Counseling Support for Your Members 

We're passionate about delivering exceptional online counseling care for individuals and couples.

As a spiritual leader, we understand you want nothing but the best for your congregation. When you refer to Sagely Counseling you can be sure they are getting the kind, relational care they deserve. We care deeply and take the time to develop strong relationships with our clients. and use highly-effective, well-researched, person-centered methods of care for best outcomes.

When to Refer?

When members struggle with one or more of the following:

  • Anxiety or depression

  • Current life stressor

  • Relationship problems​

  • Past trauma or childhood trauma

  • Grief or loss

We Support Them

Psychotherapy helps people become more resilient to current and future anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and life stress through connection-centered therapy and trauma therapy.


Our services work well as an added support because they do the following:

Create deep and permanent change in a person's view of themselves

Give people an empowering view of their life circumstances

Help people form stronger attachments to other people

Research shows these three outcomes add to emotional stability, greater ability to form and keep relationships, and better ability to engage fully in life.

We Support You

We know pastors, church staff, and other spiritual leaders face high levels of stress, especially as it comes to congregant care. More collective trauma as a nation and personal trauma as recent events have increased stress, anxiety, depression, grief, and loss leads to church members who need more support. 

We honor each of our client's personal belief systems, and value the complexity and nuanced role faith has as client's navigate their life, relationships, and careers.

We're Sagely,

We're a psychotherapy group practice that offers compassionate and highly-effective individual therapy and couples therapy services.

Our experienced clinical team is passionate about doing work that results in measurable change for our clients.

As a collaborative practice, our therapists consult with one another weekly and receive ongoing supervision and advanced training in evidence-based trauma and relationship therapies.

When you refer someone to Sagely Counseling, you gain a co-active team. We act as your partners in your mission to care for your members. 

Learn More About the Sagely Team
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