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Online couples therapy in Texas

Exceptional online therapy for adults, couples, and families in Texas

We change lives

Life can get really tough. You've given it your best shot to solve the issue you're facing, but life keeps throwing challenges your way. It takes a lot of courage to reach out for help (we completely understand!) By the time you're on a website like this, you've probably tried many things that haven't quite done the trick.

"Sagely" means living life wisely. We want to stand by your side and offer insight into your life, helping you find your way.

We see it as an honor to offer empathy and insight into the most vulnerable and sensitive aspects of individuals' personal lives.

What we do

We help people on the following topics:

Couples Counseling

  • Breakdowns in communication

  • Conflict and frustration

  • Feeling judged

  • Feeling disconnected and isolated in the relationship

  • Partners resembling more roommates than romantic partners

  • Absence of closeness

  • Betrayal and unfaithfulness

  • Broken Trust

  • Contemplating separation or divorce

Sagely Counseling in Texas

Individual Counseling

  • Feeling anxiety, stress, or overwhelm

  • Experiencing depression

  • Dealing with anger

  • Feeling stagnant, unable to reach your goals or aspirations

  • Facing loneliness or social isolation

  • Struggling with low self-esteem

  • Navigating grief or coping with the end of a relationship

  • Challenges in friendships

  • Discontentment with life

  • Managing difficult family members 

  • Processing painful past experiences 

  • Addressing childhood trauma

  • Exploring religious deconstruction or recovering from spiritual abuse

  • Experiencing miscarriage or abortion

  • Coping with burnout and work-related trauma

Online adult family therapy in Texas

Adult Family Counseling

  • Challenging dynamics - parent & adult child or grown siblings

  • Historical grudges and emotional wounds

  • Addressing sensitive family matters

  • Expectations regarding the care of elderly parents

  • Hurdles in communication

  • Establishing personal limits

  • Past mistreatment or trauma

  • Physical or mental health issues

  • Persistent or terminal medical conditions

  • Dealing with sorrow and bereavement

  • Financial lending situations

  • Struggles with anxiety and depression

  • Coming out as LGBTQ+ and acceptance within the family


We meet with clients online throughout Texas: Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and everywhere in-between!

Anxiety Counseling in Texas

Take it from us...

What truly matters in life is how it actually IS, not how it appears to others. Beginning therapy may seem daunting, but what's even more daunting is looking back in 20 years with regret for not pursuing your dreams or nurturing the relationships you longed for because fear of failure, concern about others' judgments, or resistance to change that held you back. We are here to provide assistance and support.

We believe


Here's what we want for our clients

  1. That they don't lose precious moments of their lives battling unaddressed anxiety, depression, loneliness, or anger.

  2. That they don't accept a disconnected intimate relationship but instead seize the chance to transform it into one where they and their partner truly understand and love each other deeply.

  3. That they don't allow family relationships to remain fractured and full of conflict.

  4. That they don't remain stagnant or trapped in turmoil regarding their career, but rather find emotional healing from burnout and work-related trauma.

Let's transform your life together.

Online therapy for adults in Texas
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