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Therapy Careers

Who We Are

Sagely Counseling is an online therapy practice that specializes in attachment and trauma therapy and is committed to providing exceptional virtual counseling to clients in Colorado and Texas. We are a leadership team of two seasoned 

therapists excited to build a larger team!

We Believe

In Community

We believe the work of therapy can be too important (and too heavy) to do on our own. Support, friendship, and community are an important part of what makes life beautiful. Being part of a team at Sagely means more than just having coworkers, but having people who have your back and want to see you succeed (and vice versa for you towards us!).

In Engaging in Your Own Work

Who you are as a therapist is directly related to your willingness to engage in your own self-growth. Therapists should be involved in their own personal therapeutic work and integration (which can look different ways in different seasons). This means growing towards personal healing of their own life story, self-awareness, kindness, confidence, and maturity. 

In Professional Growth

We believe in intentional and continual learning and growth as professionals. Whether this is in learning new therapeutic techniques and skills, or in growing in leadership development, or professional goals (i.e. writing, speaking, creating new ideas or creative products).

In Generosity

We want you to make a good living doing great work!

Positions We Are Currently Hiring:

Clinical Therapist
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