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Top online therapy for individuals and couples in Colorado, Texas, Utah, Arkansas, Florida, New Mexico

Counseling for individuals, couples, and families who want more peace, less anxiety, and better connection in their relationships

We help people who seem to have it together actually feel that way

Release Your Anxiety

Heal Your Relationships

Experience More Life

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Has life stress reached a peak?

Sometimes people need a safe place to sort through it all

  • Anxiety or depression

  • Communication breakdowns and arguing

  • Disconnection from their partner

  • Family conflict with parents or adult siblings

  • ​Lingering grief

  • Anger and frustration

  • Difficult events from their past

  • Loneliness or isolation

Best online therapy for individuals and couples in Colorado, Texas, Utah, Arkansas, Florida, New Mexico
How would you be different with more peace, confidence and connection?

Many clients tell us after they start therapy they notice their lives feeling more peaceful. They gain new ways to cope with difficult situations and they find it easier to be close and connected to their significant other. 


They begin having the confidence to pursue things that scared them before (authoring a book, taking a class, or switching careers). They feel more self-assured and clearer about where they are going. They get unstuck and find more purpose.

What would it be like to...

  • Live with more peace and less stress

  • Have better relationships and connect with the people you love

  • Have healthy ways of coping with your emotions

  • Be free from painful memories of events from your past

  • Feel confident and able to start setting and fulfilling big dreams

We'd love for this to be your story too.

Sagely [sayj-lee]

"In a wise manner, with insight" moving you forward in life.

Sagely Counseling

Hello There!

We're Sagely Counseling

We're counselors whose passion is to help you experience more emotional peace, greater self-confidence, and closer connection to those who matter most to you.


We help people who seem to have it together actually feel that way.

We know how easy it is to feel lost for answers, whether it's in your marriage, career, or after a significant life disruption. Life and relationships are complicated, and it's okay that you don't know how to solve the problems.


As you meet with us we'll compassionately sort through your current situation, bring understanding and new perspective, and find a way forward. Together we'll bring insight into your life and help you get to the other side of your current obstacles.


What Clients Are Saying...

These are a few of the unsolicited, kind words clients have shared with our therapists (used with permission)

"Your kind and calming presence was an anchor during some of my most tumultuous life circumstances. Thank you for guiding me on this healing journey. I am a better person because of it... because of you."
"I have loved every session with you, and I'm grateful for your attention and care for me. You are truly irreplaceable. I have grateful tears thinking about my time with you, and how much courage you've helped me see in myself."
"You really have a gift for this! You impact not only those you counsel, but all their relationships. The ripple effect is unending. The way it continues in my own life is incalculable.

Getting started is easy


Message Us Today

Message us and a therapist will schedule a time to meet and talk with you online over Zoom


Chat & Create a Plan

Talk through the process for you to accomplish your goals and set a regular time to meet


Put Strategy into Action

Meet with your therapist, get unstuck, and start feeling better

What would it be like to feel less alone in figuring out your life and relationships?

Wouldn't life be so much easier if you had been taught from the beginning the crucial skills of handling difficult relationship dynamics, communicating in ways that people know how to respond to you, or managing stress or anxiety?

Very few people know how to understand their own lives, or what to do with anger, grief, or pain. What to do with setbacks, lack of confidence, loneliness, or how to get themselves out of a difficult situation they feel stuck in. It's not your fault that you can't navigate yourself out of these problems. Humans are designed to need other people to help them get unstuck

What would it be like if you had the tools you need to feel peace, confidence, and a sense of purpose in your life and relationships?

We wish we could tell you that given enough time, people's problems fix themselves and solutions naturally arise, but they don't. Counseling can save you years of unproductive, wasted time of being stuck in the same place. How much is that worth to you?

It it worth it? Yes, it is!


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